Training for every dog
and their human.

Welcome to Best Behaviour K9, we offer individual consultations and personalised programmes designed to address all kinds of behaviour and training needs in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Canine Behavioural Experts

Our behaviourist and primary trainer Neil Losada, is motivated by a true love of canines and it shows.
His patience, kindness and sense of humour makes training fun and easy for both dogs and their owners.

Neil has been working and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 17 years.
During that time he has trained Security Dog Teams, Service Dogs and their handlers, and pet dogs and their owners.

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Neil and Alfie


At Best Behaviour K9 we run a range of classes suitable for any dog (and owner). Whether you have an excitable puppy, or want to teach an old dog new tricks, our tiered classes will help you along the way.

Currently our classes are run in the Barnsley area, with new locations to be offered in the near future.

BBK9 Quick Tips

One of the most important attributes for any owner wishing to train their dog is patience.

TV Opportunity

🐾🐾TV OPPORTUNITY🐾🐾 We have been contacted by Red Sky productions who specialise in factual programmes for the BBC and Channel 4. They are looking for Puppy Owners who are currently embarking on training and all the delights and headaches that this new addition brings to family life. If you are interested in appearing in the…

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